All those who have been to the capital of Ukraine will agree that Kiev’s girls possess bright natural beauty, a luxurious style and exquisite taste, and myths about charm and outer perfection of local girls are as a rule true. How do these fragrant girls and women keep their style and charm and remain attractive for all men? What is their zest and what is their view of life?

Genetic beauty and attractiveness.
Genetics simply assert that beauty is directly connected with a possibility of combining of various human genotypes. The more such combinations there are the more beautiful the nation is. Kiev that stands for more than 1000 years at the border of two civilizations, western and eastern one, is an ideal ground for nature experimenting with female attractiveness. It in large measure explains a phenomenon of beauty of Kiev girls. A diversity of completely different types of people – from tender and nice blondes to southern hot and sexy brunettes can`t leave any man indifferent

Kiev girls are a full contrast to modern European models of appearance: instead of sport shoes and ballet flats they wear shoes on high heels, instead of formless robes of obscure grey color they wear elegant dresses, instead of big bags ‘for all occasions’ – elegant small bags. Ukrainian women have an aggravated sense of beautiful and they combine details skillfully. It lets them even having a quite small income have perfect clothes.
Girls in Kiev take maximal effort to look attractive. They feel an irresistible need in perfection from top to toe, and physical drawbacks, to their opinion are nothing but a lack of willpower. There is no wonder that almost all ladies from the capital are obsessed with beauty and always look tempting, as they devote so much time to self-care and care so much of their health and clothes!

Love, family, children, men.
Talking about girls in general and in particular topics of family and children suggest themselves. They find themselves in a category if beauties and women of fashion, and there seem to be no problems with woman’s realization. However, here is a hesitation, there is a lack of free men in the capital as well as in the whole Ukraine. It’s the main reason for loneliness of women, and, as a result, a peak of popularity of dating agencies where Kiev girls look for foreign men for marriage.
An average age of marriage of girls in Kiev is 25-27, and a birth of children as a rule is postponed to the time of a full self-realization, unlike women in the west. Ukrainian women are practical in details, but if it goes about a family, feelings and emotions go first. And though Kiev beauties are very much unlike provincial ones, a wish to be happy within marriage consolidates them with other Ukrainian ladies. Their free time are their relatives and friends. It is very much valued in all social layers of Ukraine. Family ties are extremely important for them, and they often come together – relatives of all generations. What should you do if you love a Ukrainian bride?