During the latest 10 years in the internet there is a peak of popularity of Ukrainian brides by mail. In dating agencies’ databases there are dozens of thousands of lonely women and girls who prefer a marriage with men from Europe and the USA to creating a family at their homeland. One should mention that interest in international marriages is mutual, and western men connect with their image of a good wife with Slavic ladies. Why is it so?

Interests of Ukrainian women correspond to interests of western men who don’t want to emancipated compatriots who zealously fight for their rights see near them. Men started complaining for a lack of femininity, a lack of tenderness and attention from the side of their women. All this, as it turned out, can be given to them by brides from Ukraine…

A Ukrainian woman fully corresponds to the idea of western fiancés about what a wife should be like. She is ready to compromise her career for a family, she is homely, obedient, you can agree with her. She is grateful for small favors, as life abroad itself seems a fairy-tale for her. She is dependent upon a man, because adaptation in a new country takes time, and she will fully depend on her partner until she is adapted. Isn’t it what any man wants? There is also no secret about Ukrainian girls who are considered to be the most beautiful in the world. They haven’t forgotten how to take care of themselves, how to be feminine, which European and American women lack so much.

Another valuable advantage of Slavic women is their high level of education – more than a half of them have higher education, many of them go on with their education in a new homeland. Ukrainian brides almost don’t know such words as emancipation, because from their childhood they know what they must do because they haven’t seen another life. And to marry a foreigner is the height of ambition of lonely girls.

Even those Ukrainian women who could adapt to new realities after the fall of the Soviet Union now actively look for fiancés abroad. Why should successful, educated, self-sufficing and beautiful Ukrainian women stay lonely?
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